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Internal research

Coffee production in Vietnam; Do Manh Hung

Impacts of developmental policy intervention in developing countries: The case of the new rural development program in Vietnam; Do Manh Hung

Impacts of shocks on migrants’ decision to return and staying period: An empirical analysis of rural-urban migration in Vietnam; Do Manh Hung

Risk attitudes. Knowledge and agricultural productivity; Huong Nguyen Thi Lan

Environmental income and remittances. Evidence from rural Vietnam; Sina Bierkamp

Land rental markets in rural Vietnam: A pathway to commercialization? Oliver Schulte

Shocks, livelihood diversification, and household welfare: Comparative evidence from panel data in Thailand and Vietnam; Duy Linh Nguyen

Mitigating the consequence of health shocks: Evidence from panel data in Vietnam; Duy Linh Nguyen

Non-farm employment transition in rural Thailand and Vietnam: A gender perspectives; Duy Linh Nguyen

Shocks, farm productivity and natural resource extraction in Southeast Asia; Thanh Tung Nguyen

Shocks, credit and farm efficiency in Vietnam; Thanh Tung Nguyen

Weather shocks, income and poverty in Vietnam and Thailand; Thanh Tung Nguyen

Land rental market, farm efficiency and household welfare in Vietnam; Thanh Tung Nguyen

Impact of rainfall shocks on stability of risk attitudes; Sabine Liebenehm with Nele Petrusjanz and Eric Strobl

Risk attitudes and returns; Sabine Liebenehm with Hermann Waibel and Lukas Menkhoff

Climate change and migration; Sabine Liebenehm with Rasadhika Sharma and Esteban Quinonez

Climate change and agricultural returns; Sabine Liebenehm with Alirah Weyori, Hermann Waibel and Eric Strobl

Knowledge and agricultural productivity; Sabine Liebenehm with Huong Nguyen Thi Lan and Hermann Waibel

Who remits and why? Rasadhika Sharma with Ulrike Grote

Who is an internal migrant? Rasadhika Sharma with Ulrike Grote

Climate Change and migration; Rasadhika Sharma with Sabine Liebenehm and Esteban Quinonez

Occupational attainment and earnings in Southeast Asia: The role of non-cognitive skills; Rasadhika Sharma with Dorothee Bühler and Wiebke Stein

Validating personality traits in Southeast Asia; Rasadhika Sharma with Dorothee Bühler and Wiebke Stein

The impact of local shocks on well-being: Only a matter of perception? Wiebke Stein with Reinhard Weisser

Don't expect too much - High income expectations and over-indebtedness; Wiebke Stein with Theres Klühs and Melanie Koch

Smartphones and social networks; Michael Hübler and Dorothee Bühler

Poverty and the dependency from farming jobs; Tobias Kürten, Money and International Finance, LUH