Data access

Data access

TVSEP data is available for scientific research purposes free of charge. Access to our datasets kindly proceed as follows:

  • Interested scientists: Please submit a 1-2 page research outline to the TVSEP Research Database Manager (please click contact button below). Research outline shall include study objective(s), methodology, expected output, time plan, target country and panel wave(s). Household and village questionnaires of each wave can be downloaded from 'Survey documents' (please click Survey documents button below).
  • Graduate students: In addition to the research outline consent from your supervisor is required confirming that the proposed study will be accepted as part of your master/doctoral research. This can be sent via e-mail directly to the TVSEP Research Database Manager.
  • Requested data files (in STATA or csv format) will be granted upon approval from TVSEP Project Management Team and signing a confidentiality agreement. Other data formats are available upon request.
  • Former TVSEP data users: If you plan to use already downloaded data for a new research project, please submit a new outline and follow the steps described above before starting your work.
  • Please acknowledge the TVSEP project for collecting the data available for your research in any of your papers using the TVSEP data.
  • We appreciate, if you keep us informed about the progress of paper preparation. Please allow us to send you a kind reminding e-mail after one year from the date, that the data are given to you.
Please contact us for data access:
Survey documents: