9th TVSEP Household panel wave in Thailand underway

9th TVSEP Household panel wave in Thailand underway

Since May 5, TVSEP has started its last household panel survey of phase II of the project. There are three provincial teams, i.e. for the TVSEP provinces Nakhon Phanom, Ubon Ratchathani and Buri Ram. A total of 45 enumerators organized into 9 sub-teams and supervised by a sub-team leader are interviewing up to 90 households per day. Each sub-team visits one village per day to interview the 10 TVSEP households, who are in the panel since the first survey in 2007. Considering delays and special events, including occasional local Covid-19 outbreaks, the survey is expected to finish during the first week of June. In addition to the up to 2200 household interviews, heads of the 220 TVSEP villages are also interviewed about recent changes in village infrastructure and socio-economic development.

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Published by F. Heinrichs