TVSEP Covid-19 survey 2020 in Thailand

TVSEP Covid-19 survey 2020 in Thailand

The survey in Thailand is progressing well. The training of enumerators took place at V-Hotel, Ubon Ratchathani from 12 – 19 November 2020. The training included 20 enumerators, 3 on-the-spot trainers (Ms Chomphunut Kantabussabong, Ms Pintong Lekan and Mr. Ekachai Aowacheewin) and 2 long-distance trainers from TVSEP headquarters at LUH (Mr. Niels Wendt and Prof. Hermann Waibel) as well as administrative and technical support from TVSEP Office at Ubon Ratchathani University, namely by Ms Yok Wannakham and Mr. Nopporn Tantsiri. The training was quite challenging due to the difference in time zones.

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