COVID-19 special survey

COVID-19 Special survey starting

TVSEP is starting its COVID-19 special survey among its 2200 households in 220 villages in three provinces in Northeast Thailand (please click maps below). The survey commences with the training of provincial team leaders from 9 - 11 November, followed by the enumerator training from 12 - 19 November. Because of the Covid-19 situation the TVSEP headquarter staff, Prof. Waibel, MA Niels Wendt will conduct the training online which is a big challenge due to the time zone difference between Germany and Thailand (6h difference). In Thailand, TVSEP's local staff, Mr. Nopporn, lecturer at Ubon Ratchathani University, Ms Yok Wannakham, Administrative Officer at TVSEP-UBU, Ms Mo Chomphunut, who is a former LUH student, Ms Pintong Lekan and Mr. Ekachchai will support the activities. The survey will start on 21 November and is expected to finish at around Christmas time. Every day there will be about 70 interviews uploaded on the LUH servers and will checked for errors by TVSEP assistants.

TVSEP will report about the progress of the survey in regular time intervals.

Maps of the three provinces

Province Buriram
Province Nakhon Phanom
Province Ubon Ratchathani