COVID-19 survey report

TVSEP Covid-19 survey 2020 in Thailand

The survey in Thailand is progressing well. The training of enumerators took place at V-Hotel, Ubon Ratchathani from 12 – 19 November 2020. The training included 20 enumerators, 3 on-the-spot trainers (Ms Chomphunut Kantabussabong, Ms Pintong Lekan and Mr. Ekachai Aowacheewin) and 2 long-distance trainers from TVSEP headquarters at LUH (Mr. Niels Wendt and Prof. Hermann Waibel) as well as administrative and technical support from TVSEP Office at Ubon Ratchathani University, namely by Ms Yok Wannakham and Mr. Nopporn Tantsiri. The training was quite challenging due to the difference in time zones. The local trainers conducted exercises in the morning (Thai time) while lectures by Niels Wendt and Hermann Waibel started in the early afternoon (morning, German time). The training included three field days for practicing interviews by tablet computers.

The survey started on 21 November in two TVSEP provinces (Ubon Rathchathani and Buri Ram) in parallel, with 7 enumerator teams. Every day, each team conducts interviews in a TVSEP village with 10 households and an interview with the village head.  Until to date, almost 700 out of 2200 households have been interviewed. The questionnaires are uploaded to the TVSEP server at LUH immediately and are checked online by TVSEP headquarter staff. All questionnaires with a need for clarification are send back to the tablet of the enumerator who provide corrections within 24 hours.

Initial screening of the data suggest that the survey will provide very interesting and scientifically useful information. Most remarkable until now is that not a single case of Covid-19 infection has been reported by the respondents. On the other hand, the financial and emotional impacts of the pandemic seem to be significant.

Photo 1: Local trainer Ms Chomphunut Kantabussabong, former student at LUH translates lecture of Hermann Waibel and Niels Wendt
Photo 2: Participants of enumerator training listen to online lecture
Photo 3: Household interviews using protective masks
Photo 4: Household interview with social distancing …
Photo 5: Provincial team leader guiding enumerator to a household with a friendly dog …