Internal research


  • Smallholder agriculture in times of crisis. How restricted market access and reverse migration affect land use and natural resource management; Kerstin Nolte et al.
  • Measuring village development using daylight data; Krisztina Kis-Katos, Xiaoming Fu, Fabian Wölk, Tingting Yuan
  • The effect of crisis management during the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand on satisfaction and health; Kim Caroline Rothert-Schnell


  • Can a social pension affect educational attainment and labor market outcomes of co-residing children in the long-run? Evidence from Thailand – Pre-analysis plan; Juliane Zenker
  • Dezentrale Erneuerbare Energiesysteme in Entwicklungsländern; Maria Hart
  • Electrification of rural areas in developing countries; Nikolai Kretschmar
  • Effects of climate change on health; Jan-Lennart Paul, Soschia Karimi
  • Early childhood exposure to extreme weather events and adult education and health outcomes; Julian Wichert


  • Coffee production in Vietnam; Do Manh Hung
  • Impacts of developmental policy intervention in developing countries: The case of the new rural development program in Vietnam; Do Manh Hung
  • Impacts of shocks on migrants’ decision to return and staying period: An empirical analysis of rural-urban migration in Vietnam; Do Manh Hung
  • Risk attitudes. Knowledge and agricultural productivity; Huong Nguyen Thi Lan
  • Environmental income and remittances. Evidence from rural Vietnam; Sina Bierkamp
  • Land rental markets in rural Vietnam: A pathway to commercialization? Oliver Schulte
  • Shocks, livelihood diversification, and household welfare: Comparative evidence from panel data in Thailand and Vietnam; Duy Linh Nguyen
  • Mitigating the consequence of health shocks: Evidence from panel data in Vietnam; Duy Linh Nguyen
  • Non-farm employment transition in rural Thailand and Vietnam: A gender perspectives; Duy Linh Nguyen
  • Shocks, farm productivity and natural resource extraction in Southeast Asia; Thanh Tung Nguyen
  • Shocks, credit and farm efficiency in Vietnam; Thanh Tung Nguyen
  • Weather shocks, income and poverty in Vietnam and Thailand; Thanh Tung Nguyen
  • Land rental market, farm efficiency and household welfare in Vietnam; Thanh Tung Nguyen
  • Impact of rainfall shocks on stability of risk attitudes; Sabine Liebenehm with Nele Petrusjanz and Eric Strobl
  • Risk attitudes and returns; Sabine Liebenehm with Hermann Waibel and Lukas Menkhoff
  • Climate change and migration; Sabine Liebenehm with Rasadhika Sharma and Esteban Quinonez
  • Climate change and agricultural returns; Sabine Liebenehm with Alirah Weyori, Hermann Waibel and Eric Strobl
  • Knowledge and agricultural productivity; Sabine Liebenehm with Huong Nguyen Thi Lan and Hermann Waibel
  • Who remits and why? Rasadhika Sharma with Ulrike Grote
  • Who is an internal migrant? Rasadhika Sharma with Ulrike Grote
  • Climate Change and migration; Rasadhika Sharma with Sabine Liebenehm and Esteban Quinonez
  • Occupational attainment and earnings in Southeast Asia: The role of non-cognitive skills; Rasadhika Sharma with Dorothee Bühler and Wiebke Stein
  • Validating personality traits in Southeast Asia; Rasadhika Sharma with Dorothee Bühler and Wiebke Stein
  • The impact of local shocks on well-being: Only a matter of perception? Wiebke Stein with Reinhard Weisser
  • Don't expect too much - High income expectations and over-indebtedness; Wiebke Stein with Theres Klühs and Melanie Koch
  • Smartphones and social networks; Michael Hübler and Dorothee Bühler
  • Poverty and the dependency from farming jobs; Tobias Kürten, Money and International Finance, LUH