The database of the Thailand Vietnam Socio Economic Panel (TVSEP) contains a comprehensive set of socio economic and technical data from 4400 rural households in 440 villages in six provinces in Thailand and Vietnam. TVSEP data include all important aspects of a household’s living standard measures, demography, geography, shocks, risks, expectations, subjective assessments and behavioral traits of individual household members. By 2020, eight panel waves have been conducted, the most recent one in 2019. In addition, interviews with the heads of the 440 villages have been carried in 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 providing information about infrastructure and other village characteristics.  The data base for rural households is supplemented by two migrant tracking surveys, one in 2010 with a total sample of 950 and the second one in 2018 with a sample of 760 migrants. 

For detailed information about the survey waves including the questionnaires (in English and local languages) as well as training and survey guidelines with a description of major variables and the way questions have been asked, please go to 'Documentation'.

In order for researchers who are interested to use the data, some modest descriptive analysis on income and income sources, consumption, poverty, household debt, labor supply and some basic structural variables on agriculture are presented please click 'Description of the dataset' (see below). To view some case studies using the data for some simple topical analysis on issues like agricultural development, climate change, rural industrialization, rural labor markets, rural-urban migration and household debt, please click 'Case studies'.

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