Survey documents

The survey documents used for the different surveys in Thailand and Vietnam are available for download.
The questionnaire forms are the common intellectual property of the research group and are provided free of charge for fair use. This includes referencing this website as the source of information in publications that make use of the questionnaires, their parts or their design. In addition, information on the sample design is available in Hardeweg et al. (2013) / Link.

Information on the samples over all waves and on the modules and sections of the questionnaires are provided here under the following link:

Documents for all waves

The documents for all waves provide general information on the panel history from 2007 to date and on the sample design. In addition, information on the conversion factors and the weights are provided below.

Conversion factors


Documents for single waves

The documents for single waves include the questionnaires implemented in Thailand and Vietnam, short descriptions of the main features of the waves and other documents (such as interviewer guidelines, data data cleaning guidelines or also summary reports).