The Project Management Team

Project organization and team

TVSEP is jointly coordinated by a Project Management Team (PMT), consisting of four Principal Investigators (PIs), three from the Faculty of Economics and Management, Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH), namely Professor Dr. Ulrike Grote, Professor Dr. Stephan Thomsen and Professor Dr. Hermann Waibel, and one from the Department of Economics at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (UGö), namely Professor Dr. Krisztina Kis-Katos. All four PIs have well-defined responsibilities within the PMT. The PMT makes strategic decisions with regards to survey implementation and data user policy. The PMT is further supported by Assistant Professor Dr. Thanh Nguyen (LUH) who serves as TVSEP’s Research Director.

Data collection and management

Hermann Waibel, Head of the Institute of Development and Agricultural Economics, LUH, is responsible for data collection in Thailand and Vietnam and for management of the panel data. He is supported by a research team that includes Niels Wendt, M.A., in charge of Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) tools, organization of data collection in cooperation with the national partners and the management of the data base, and Dipl.-Ing. Florian Heinrichs who takes care of the TVSEP website and oversees data access for TVSEP’s data users. Marina Bergmeier, as the Institute’s administrative officer, oversees and monitors the TVSEP survey budget in Thailand and Vietnam.  In the two partner countries, the LUH data collection and management team is supported by two permanent Research Assistants, namely Ms. Yok Wannakhan (Thailand) and Ms. Thuy Dung Truong (Vietnam). During survey periods, in each county between 50 to 60 temporary research staff, including provincial team leaders, field supervisors and enumerators are hired.

In Thailand, TVSEP collaborates with the University of Ubon Ratchathani under the auspices of Vice-President for Research, Dr. Chawalit Thinvongpituk, and the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Narintorn Boonbrahm. In Vietnam, TVSEP collaborates with three universities, located in the survey provinces. These are: 1) the University of Ha Tinh, with Dr. Ho Thi Nga as counterpart; 2) the College of Economics at Hue University with Dr. Hoang Trieu Huy; and 3) the Tay Nguyen University in Dak Lak with Prof. Dr. Le Duc Niem as counterpart.

  • Research and international cooperation

    Research and international cooperation

    In addition to the data collection part, Hermann Waibel supervises junior researcher Mark Brooks, MSc, who is using TVSEP data on topics related to data quality issues of long-term household panels in developing countries. He also collaborates with Assistant Professor Dr. Sabine Liebenehm, University of Saskatchewan, Canada and Professor Dr. Lukas Menkhoff, DIW/Humboldt University Berlin on the topic of risk attitudes using TVSEP panel data. 

    Stephan Thomsen, Head of Institute for Economic Policy, facilitates scientific support for Thai researchers using the panel data. He is managing this task together with Associate Professor Dr. Suwanna Praneetvatakul from Kasetsart University in Bangkok who serves TVSEP as research coordinator for Thailand. Stephan Thomsen supports the research of post-doc researcher Dr. Wiebke Stein, who is using TVSEP data in combination with geo-coded information and add-on experiments for research on the behavioural aspects of development.

    Ulrike Grote, Head of Institute for Environmental Economics and World Trade, coordinates research support for Vietnamese researchers who use the TVSEP data. She is supported by Thanh Nguyen who concurrently serves as TVSEP’s overall research director. He advises external data users on methodological and organizational aspects of their research. In addition, Ulrike Grote supervises junior researchers Rasadhika Sharma, MSc, and Oliver Schulte, MSc, who work on topics related to rural-urban migration and food supply and food value chains, using data from both the household surveys and the migrant tracking surveys. 

    Krisztina Kis-Katos, Chair of International Economics, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, has joined TVSEP in 2020 (taking over from Professor Dr. Stephan Klasen). Her responsibility within TVSEP’s Project Management Team is to promote the use of TVSEP panel data among the international research community. She also communicates and exchanges ideas on scientific advancements with TVSEP’s International Advisory Panel. In addition, she supports the research of post-doc researcher Dr. Ute Rink who works on poverty dynamics and aspects of non-monetary poverty.

  • TVSEP - Organizational chart

    TVSEP - Organizational chart

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