Add-on projects

TVSEP Add-on projects

TVSEP Add-on projects are research projects where researchers can make use of the data from household/village surveys and complement these with own data collections, both with TVSEP or non-TVSEP households/villages. For example, randomized control trials with "treated" and "non-treated" groups can be undertaken. Furthermore, questions not included in the TVSEP survey instruments can be implemented in a special survey. Hereby, it is important that these additional data collection activities do not hinder, in any way, regular survey waves and do not endanger the survival of the panel. Researchers interested to carry out a TVSEP add-on project are requested to submit a sufficiently detailed description of their planned project. The Project Management Team (PMT) will assess the proposal and eventually discuss further details of implementation with the applicants.

Applicants are asked to fill in the data request form (see add-on project request form button below) and submit a research outline with a minimum of 2 pages. The project outline must include objective, methodology, expected output, location (country, province) and a detailed time plan. Upload your research outline within the add-on project request form.

Application for an add-on project

Add-on project request form: