Data access

Data access

TVSEP data are available for scientific research purposes free of charge. If you are interested to use TVSEP data, please read the following points:

  • Scientists: Please fill in the data request form (see Data request form button below). Submit a 1-2 pages research outline including study objective(s), methodology, expected output, time plan, target country and panel wave(s). Upload your research outline within the data request form.
  • Graduate students, in addition to the research outline, must upload a recommendation letter from their supervisor confirming, that the proposed study has been accepted as part of their bachelor/master/doctoral research. This letter can also be uploaded within the data request form.
  • Household and village questionnaires of each wave can be downloaded from 'Survey documents' (see Survey documents button below).
  • Requested data files (in STATA format) will be granted upon approval from TVSEP Project Management Team and signing a confidentiality agreement. Other data formats are available upon request.
  • Former TVSEP data users: If you plan to use already downloaded data for a new research project, please submit a new outline and follow the steps described above before starting your work.
  • In any of your papers using the TVSEP data, please acknowledge the TVSEP project as the source of the data.
  • Upon successful publication, please provide TVSEP with the link to the publication.
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