TVSEP Research

Keywords and topics of TVSEP research

Research using the TVSEP data covers a wide range of topics, including, for example agricultural development, land use changes, climate change, credit, finance and debt, rural industrialization and digitalization, health and education and rural-urban migration. The wordcloud, which is based on 80 published articles, two collected volumes and 32 working papers from 2016 to 2023, shows major topics of research. Because of their long-term nature, the panel data are suitable for studying, for example, long-term welfare dynamics at individual, household, or regional level.  Policy impact evaluations, cross-cultural comparisons with other panel datasets, and spatial analyses are encouraged.

The number of internal and especially external users of the TVSEP dataset has steadily increased over time. Internal users are researchers being employed at or affiliated with the institutes of any of the respective TVSEP team members. External researchers are researchers working at institutions in Thailand, Vietnam, other Asian countries, in Europe, the United States, and Australia to whom the data have been made available upon request.

Number of TVSEP data users (2016-04/2023)

To learn more about the internal and external researchers and to see their respective research topics, please go to 'Internal research' or 'External research (please click below).

A third category of TVSEP research is so-called add-on projects. These are research activities conducted by internal and/or external researchers that make partial use of the TVSEP data and combine them with their own data collection activities within or near the "TVSEP villages". Such projects may be, for example,  randomized control trials (RCTs) or thematic data collections that go beyond the TVSEP survey instruments. Researchers conducting add-on projects must bring their own funding. For a description of add-on projects, please see 'Add-on projects' (click below).

If you are interested in planning and implementing a TVSEP add-on project, please send an email: