Meeting with International Advisory Panel

TVSEP's online meeting with its International Advisory Panel

On 24 March, 2021, 12.00 - 13.30, TVSEP organized an online meeting with its International Advisory Panel to get advise on some important issues of TVSEP's future activities. The following panel members were presented during the web meeting: Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm, University of Passau, Prof. Dr. Nipon Poapongsakorn, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), Dr. Daniel Schnitzlein, Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaft (DIW), Prof. Dr. Eric Strobl, University of Berne, Switzerland and Prof. Dr. Manfred Zeller, University of Hohenheim. The TVSEP team included Prof. Dr. Krisztina Kis-Katos, University of Göttingen, who chaired the meeting, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grote, Prof. Dr. Stephan Thomsen, Dr. habil. Trung Thanh Nguyen, M.A. Niels Wendt and Prof. Dr. Hermann Waibel, all from Leibniz University Hannover.

The meeting started with a presentation by Prof. Kis-Katos about TVSEP's objectives, achievements and activities. This was followed by a discussion about important features of TVSEP's activities, including data collection and data management issues, how to motivate researchers to use TVSEP data, and organizing an international conference. The panel members gave extremely useful advise to TVSEP providing guidance to TVSEP, how to best reach its objectives during phase II of the project. It was decided to organize the next meeting in the fall of 2021.