Add-on project Yield Measurement

Add-on project "Yield Measurement" in Thailand completed

Prof. Waibel in cooperation with Prof. Eric Strobl, Switzerland; Prof. Sabine Liebenehm, Canada and Adjan Nopporn Tantisirin, Ubon Rathchathani University (UBU), Thailand has carried out a TVSEP add-on project in Thailand. The aim of the project is to verify satellite-based yield models by field-based yield measurement and subjective estimates of the farmers. In a total of 237 rice plots in TVSEP villages in the provinces of Ubon and Nakhon Phanom, the rice yield has been determined by exact GPS-based plot measurement, weighing the paddy in the field, right after harvest and taking moisture readings of paddy. Furthermore, farmers were asked to estimate the size of the plot and the expected production, prior to the harvesting operation. In addition, a short tablet-based questionnaire about the growth history of the plot was administered by the field technician and uploaded to the server at LUH.

The data obtained in this add-on project can be combined with the TVSEP household and village panel data, as well as with satellite-based records of the farmers’ plots and satellite climate data of TVSEP villages. The analytical part of the project is expected to result in a number of high level papers, with advanced production functions and behavioral models. Ultimately, the project will make a major contribution to the advancement of survey techniques in rural areas of developing countries.

The project started with a three-days training of seven field assistants and one supervisor, all students and graduates from UBU, carried out by Prof. Waibel and Adjan Nopporn and supported online by Mr. Niels Wendt. The field operations started November 7 and were completed on 3 December.

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The following photos illustrate the field operations:

Photo 1: The most frequents harvesting method is by small-size combine harvester
Photo 3: TVSEP Farmer - very friendly and cooperative!
Photo 2: UBU Field technicians with Adjan Nopporn